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A 4 week online course and supportive community to help busy working moms take charge of their lives with regular workouts, healthy meals, and time with their families in only 20 minutes a day.

When it comes to sticking to your weight loss and health goals, I know one thing for sure: As an overwhelmed working mom with hardly enough time to get a shower in, you are absolutely sick of constantly falling short.

Some side-effects of this working-mama-life include McDonalds three nights in a row, dirty clothes all over the house, and by the end of the day you're wiped out and just want to curl up and watch Netflix.

Time and Motivation are your worst enemies.

When you don't have laundry, carpool, or homework, the last thing you want to do is exercise or meal prep. You'd much rather spend it with your family doing things that actually matter.

Every other day, you're presented by some get-fit-quick scheme and think, "You know what, maybe I will join that Thrive thing my sister does. Then I'll lose weight and have more energy. I'll be a better mom and wife... like for real, when was the last time I even let my husband see me in my underwear?? Something's got to change before my confidence tanks even more!"

How on earth are you actually supposed to workout and eat whole foods every day while simultaneously supporting your family?

I've got the answer, but first I have another question for you:


If the thought of starting yet another diet, health plan, or exercise regime makes you feel a bit of dread because you know deep down you don't have time for it… you are not alone!

  • Every single working mom wishes she had a personal chef for her family so a healthy and delicious family-friendly dinner could be made and on the table every night.
  • Each and every one of them wishes for more hours in the day so they could actually spend more time with their families.
  • Every woman wishes she was in shape and felt confident in her own skin - even just enough to feel sexy for her honey.

And that, my friend, is why I created a solution...


I’m giving you my entire system for getting in daily workouts and healthy meals so you can finally reach your weight loss and health goals. This process is the foundation of my business and the same method I use for managing life as a busy mom, business owner, full time employee, wife, and family chef.

Working Moms Take Charge is a 4 week program that will make you go from a Hot Mess Mom to Helllllooooo Hot Mama! Inside each of the 5 modules, you'll find over 32 lessons made up of videos, worksheets, checklists, cheat sheets, and templates to make your life a million times easier.

And yes, I use all these worksheets and checklists to manage my own life!



Working Moms Take Charge Costs $197

Click below to turbo-charge your health!


But you don’t want to procrastinate taking action on your health - I mean, this is your life and livelihood we’re talking about here!

That’s why you automatically get access to some killer bonuses that will help you to start seeing success right away!


The knowledge and awareness Holly shared has been life-changing.

“Holly’s care, energy, and passion for her students comes across in the video lessons. Her teaching style is very welcoming, supportive, and informative.” - Charelle

“I took Holly's challenge on how to wake up early to workout, and for this week I have been doing what she suggested. It has been a world of a difference! I love my morning workouts and there for awhile, I wasn’t getting them in. Now I’m back on track - thank you so much!” - Emily


This course has the power to take you from hot mess mom to "Helllloooooo Hot Mama!"


Hi! It's me, Holly Waterfall (yes, that's

totally my real last name) - the master of

prioritizing health and wellness at

Happy Food Healthy Life.

I started Happy Food Healthy Life in 2012, during my crazy coffee-obsessed
stage. (Who am I kidding? I'm still in that stage.) It began as a way to compile
all my healthy recipes and tips in one place.

In the process, I learned how to manage my health while working a full time job,
running my own business, caring for my home in Salt Lake City, UT, and trying to
be the best mom and wife I could possibly be... all while embarrassing my
kiddo with excessive car dancing everywhere we went.

I have a zest for life, laughing and making silly faces, and you can almost
always find me in a pair of silly fuzzy socks... because dude, I'm always
cold! I want to spend as much of my time enjoying all the perks life
has to offer and less time exercising, meal planning, and working
on my health
. 'Cause seriously. No one wants a life full of that stuff.
Yet, I still move my bod-ay and get a healthy
meal on the dinner table for my family every single day

It is with this passion for life, with pieces of health
sprinkled through, that I spread my message to busy
mamas so they can learn how they can have their
cake and eat it too. That's my way of saying,
yes, you can have a full life while
working on your health






When you use Working Moms Take Charge to get control of your health, you'll finally find the sweet spot of making health a part of your forever lifestyle (ie, NOT a 6-week crash diet) and spending quality time doing the things you love. More tickle fights with your kids. More sexytime with your spouse (cause you'll be more confident). And LESS MEAL PREP!


14-day Money-Back Guarantee

If you use the worksheets, implement the strategies, and are still not satisfied with your results, I'll buy it back from you.

Here’s the catch: I ask that you do the work. To qualify for a refund, you will need to submit your worksheets and show that you used them.

Because the course is downloadable, this policy is in place to ensure that people don’t download the course, ask for a refund, and save the downloads for free (though we know you wouldn’t do that).

“I’m pushing myself past all my imaginary boundaries and really owning my workouts now!” - Morgan

“I’m now learning that you don’t need expensive equipment to workout at home. You don’t have to go to the gym for a great workout. You can easily workout in the comfort of your own home. thanks to Holly’s motivation and expertise, I realized I was making it harder than it actually is.” - Anna

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive the course?
You'll receive instant access to all materials in the course! No waiting until next Monday to get started. You can start making changes in your life right here and now!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course, as well as any updates and bonuses I may add. At no additional cost to you! That gives you the freedom to work at your own pace depending on your schedule and lifestyle.
How long will it take me to complete the course?
I have to start by saying that it totally depends on how much time you decide to dedicate to the course. In the first lesson of the course, you will learn a step by step strategy for how to block out enough time to work on this course. By just spending 20 minutes a day on each lesson, you shouldn't have any problems finishing the course in 30 days.
I have no motivation or will-power, plus my sweet tooth is stronger than any I've ever seen. Will this still work for me?
Girl, I'd give you a run for your money on that sweet tooth. Mine's crazy powerful. And I'll admit to you, there are some days I really really don't want to work out. I'm not just talking every so often. I mean a few times a week. Except that I always push through and make it happen. And with the tools I'm going to teach you, you'll be doing the same thing, so YES this will definitely work for you! Especially you!
I literally have zero extra time. Will this work for me?
Absolutely! I totally know where you are right now. Overwhelmed and unable to see past your crazy busy life. In this course, you'll learn exactly how to rearrange your life in a way to make it all possible.
How is this different from other health & weight loss programs I've tried?
This isn't a lose-weight-quick program. This isn't a hurry up and lose weight now situation. This is something that's going to last a lifetime. Instead of only teaching you how to lose weight and get healthy, you are going to learn tools that will help you to actually HAVE TIME to do those things. Most programs don't take into account the fact that you're a busy mom and only have about 2 free minutes to make anything happen. This is where Working Moms Take Charge is different and the reason why you will actually succeed for the rest of your life.
This is a big investment! How can I afford this right now?
The truth? How can you NOT afford this?! I get it. Money doesn't grow on trees. But the cost of this course is much less than the medical bills you may have to pay down the road because you didn't take care of yourself. I hate to be a Negative Nancy and a Debbie Downer, but Mama, that's the truth! Not investing in your health right now may mean having to pay loads more as you get older... cause we sure aren't getting any younger! And I didn't even want to mention it, but I gotta. You know if you don't invest in this, within the next 6-12 months you'll probably end up spending your money on some quick-fix weight loss program. And well, those simply just don't work. At least not for the long haul.
I’m not a working mom. Will this work for me?
You don’t have to be a working mom in the traditional “sitting at a desk from 9-5” sense to feel the stresses of life that make it hard to take care of your health. While there are a couple lessons in the course that are specific to issues you may face at work, they can all be adapted and useful for all busy moms struggling to take charge of their health. Besides, if you’re a mom, you’re working. Am I right or am I right?
I’d love to lose 25 lbs by my vacation in a month. Can you help me?
While this course will help you to adapt new healthy habits that may result in weight loss, this is in no way a quick weight loss situation. When you do things the right way (hint: slowly), you will be able to maintain and stabilize your weight much easier. With that being said, if you’re looking to lose a sizable amount of weight in a short amount of time, this course probably isn’t for you.
I’m a dude… what about me?
While I’m not here to discriminate at all, I focus mainly on the issues women face. I’m sure you’d find the lessons beneficial and helpful to you, but may feel a little out of place.
I work. I’m busy. I can’t find the motivation to workout. But I’m not a mom. Will this work for me?
Absolutely yes! It’s often moms that feel the stress and lack of time to be able to fit their health goals in, but it’s totally possible to feel the same stresses without kids. Maybe your job is super demanding. Maybe you go to school in the evenings right after work. Whatever the case may be, the lessons in this course will help you to find the time you need to learn healthy habits for your well-being. These are great lessons to learn before you have kids so you’ll be golden for life!
I have a knee injury. I have chronic illness. I’m mentally depressed. I have zero motivation. My sweet tooth is intense. Can you help me at all?
My friend, the answer is yes. I can help you through all of these issues. Every single one. But that is only if you are willing to be helped through them. If you find that you’re always making excuses for why you can’t get healthy or reach your goals, then unfortunately I cannot help. Excuses and negativity are hard ones to get past, and you have to be willing to try your absolute hardest with the tools and systems I’ve put in place for you. And just an FYI so we’re on the same page - I struggle with chronic depression, many health issues, have the strongest sweet tooth ever, and have knee issues in both knees. I don’t mean to be a “tough love” kinda gal… but… yeah, maybe I do. I just know that pretty much every issue can be overcome in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

Oh, and if you're a badass action-taker who wants to see results even quicker than the average mama, you need these extra bonuses in your life.




Working Moms Take Charge Costs $197

Click below to take charge of your health!

Get started now!